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Town Program

The Town basketball program runs from mid-November to February vacation. Teams will be established after the registration period is completed. Town teams practice once a week in a group style clinic per grade.  For general planning purposes, weekday practices are expected to start no earlier than 5 p.m. Grades 1 through 6 will play games on Saturdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at a school in Southborough (Finn or Trottier), except if plans are made to play against other towns in particular grades.

The first day of games for the 2019-20 Town Basketball season is Saturday, December 7, 2019.  Town Basketball ends on Saturday February 22, 2020.  

 Town Program Format:

  1. Girls and Boys in 1st grade will play in a clinic format on Saturday mornings (no weekday practice). SYBA will provide instructions and assistance, and all interested parents should feel free to volunteer. You can do so during the registration process or by contacting
  2. Boys and girls in grades 2 thru 8 will be divided into teams. All teams will be selected via a draft procedure. Town grade coordinators will select coaches, organize a draft, and prepare schedules for season play. Games for grades 2 through 6 will be played on Saturdays in Southborough, except if plans are made to play against other towns in particular grades.  Clinic style practices will be held once a week.
  3. Children in grades 7 and 8 are combined.  Games will be at Algonquin High School on Saturday afternoons and on Tuesday nights at Trottier.  Playoffs will follow the regular season.

All children of all skill levels are encouraged to learn the game, have fun and socialize with friends. All children play an equal amount in town games and practices.

Zero Tolerance Policy
Coaches, Spectators & Players - Please Read:  Zero Tolerance Policy
Town ONLY Program Fees
Grades 1-3: $90 per player ($10 sibling discount)
Grades 4-8: $120 per player ($10 sibling discount)

2018-2019 Town Basketball Age Group Coordinators 


Boys Grade 1
Brian Diesenhaus
Boys Grade 2
Stephanie Wysocki
Boys Grade 3
Mike Murphy
Boys Grade 4
Sean Murray
Boys Grade 5
Matt Anglim
Boys Grade 6
Matt Anglim
Boys Grade 7&8
Brianne Hagen 
Girls Grade 1
Melissa Earls
Girls Grade 2
Heather McDougall 
Girls Grade 3
Christina Alavian
Girls Grade 4
Girls Grade 5
Paul Timmins
Girls Grade 6
Paul Timmins
Girls Grade 7&8