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Southborough Youth Basketball always welcomes help from our community.

Areas of need include:

  • Coaches or assistants to coaches for Town or Travel basketball teams - please contact   for TRAVEL team coaching or  for TOWN team coaching

  • Travel tryout evaluators - please contact   if you are able to assist


Please note: Coaches and all other SYBA volunteers are required to file a CORI form every year.

Please print off a CORI form HERE and return to your age group coordinator.

Our CORI policy follows:


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2021 Southborough Youth Basketball CORI Policy

(Adapted  from the Department of Criminal Justice Model Policy)


This policy is applicable to the criminal history screening of prospective and current volunteers of Southborough Youth Basketball.   Where Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) will be part of a general background check for volunteering.  The following practices and procedures will be followed.


  1. Conducting CORI Screening:  Cori Checks will be conducted as authorized by the DCJIS  only after a CORI acknowledgement form has been completed.  If a new CORI check is to be made on a subject, within a year of his or her signing the acknowledgement, the subject will be given 72 hours notice that a new check will be conducted.
  2. Access to CORI:  All Cori information obtained by DCJIS is confidential, and access to the information must be limited to those individuals who have a”need to know.” (The CORI representative and President of SYBA Only.)
  3. CORI Training:  The SYBA CORI representative has completed all online training required by DCJIS.  This person will be familiar with the educational and relevant training materials regarding CORI Laws and regulations made available by the DCJIS.
  4. Verifying a Subject’s Identity:  If a criminal record is received from the DCJIS, the information is to be closely compared with the information on the CORI Acknowledgement form and any other identifying information provided by the applicant to ensure the record belongs to the applicant.  If the information does not match exactly with identification required the SYBA will obtain further identification from the applicant.
  5. Inquiring about Criminal History:  In connection with any decision regarding SYBA volunteering, the subject will be provided with a copy of the criminal history record, prior to questioning the subject about his/her criminal history.  The sources of the criminal history record are also to be disclosed to the subject.
  6. Determining Suitability:  If a determination is made based on the information as provided in Section 4 of this policy, that the criminal record belongs to the subject, and the subject does not dispute the record’s accuracy, then the determination for suitability will be made.  Unless otherwise provided by law, factors considered in determining suitability may include but are not limited to the following:
    • ​Relevance of the record to the position sought
    • Time since conviction​
    • Age of candidate at the time of the offense
    • The number of offenses
    • Whether the applicant has pending charges
    • Any relevant information, including information provided by the candidate or requested by the organization.
  7. Adverse decisions based on Cori:  If the CORI Representative is inclined to make an adverse decision based on results of a criminal history background check, the applicant will be notified immediately.  The applicant will be provided with a copy of the SYBA Policy and a copy of the criminal history.  The subject will then be allowed to dispute the accuracy of the CORI record.

The applicant is to be notified of the decision and the basis in a timely manner.