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Welcome to 
Southborough Youth Basketball!
Southborough Youth Basketball offers
Town teams for boys and girls in Grades 1-8,
as well as optional Travel teams for Grades 4-8
With the situation with Covid-19 ever evolving we will revise our website and contact the Southborough Youth Basketball community as we are apprised of changes.


SYBA Mission

The Southborough Youth Basketball Association (SYBA) is organized to provide an enjoyable experience for all youth participants in its basketball programs. SYBA's goals are as follows:

  • To promote and sponsor organized, recreational basketball programs for all youth in the Town of Southborough
  • To teach the fundamentals of basketball to Southborough youth
  • To teach and promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork at all levels of the game of youth basketball
  • To provide a full, equal and fair opportunity for all youth in the Town of Southborough to participate in organized, recreational basketball

The program welcomes all Southborough residents in Grades 1 through 8.


Volunteers are Needed

Please assist the Southborough Youth Basketball Association in making our community basketball experience even better for our kids. 

Please see the Volunteers tab on the left if you are interested in coaching or evaluating at Travel tryouts.


We are focused on the development of both our Town and Travel basketball programs.  If you have ideas or suggestions please approach one of our board members. Thank you.  


Southborough Youth Basketball is run by volunteers interested in

enriching the experience of the children in the program.


All Southborough Public Schools will have all doors locked at all times. When a player arrives at practice or games he/she will find the gym doors locked.

There are doorbell strobe lights at each of the four gymnasiums. The doorbell strobe light is like any other doorbell except it is built on wireless technology and uses light instead of sound to alert gym participants that someone is waiting at the door. 

Coaches, please be aware of the strobe lights while practicing. If you see that the strobe light is activated, please instruct a fellow coach or player to attend the door.

Parents, please inform your child about the doorbells. Ask your child to use the doorbell appropriately (i.e. only when necessary).